Get started by accessing "My Cards", tap the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner, then tap "My Cards". On the My Cards page, tap on the"Synced Transaction" tab.

To pair a transaction to an existing expense, tap on the transaction, then tap on the "Pair" button, located at the bottom center of the screen. When you tap on "Pair" a list of existing expenses will appear. Tap the blue "Select" button, located under the expense to which you would like to pair your synced transaction.

Choosing "Assign" will allow you to move the synced transaction to an existing Expense Report.

If you've already created an Expense, or do not need the Synced Transaction for any reason, choose it, and then tap "Delete". This action is permanent, and cannot be undone.

If you are pairing Expenses from the website, learn how to pair them here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my corporate card transaction automatically appear in the Expenses tab?

If you have any unassigned Expenses created within 7 days of when the transaction synced, TravelBank will automatically pair your Synced Transaction with your Expense.

If I add my personal card will transactions I charge for business automatically pair?

Transactions from personal cards will pair if they match an Expenses which was created within 3 days of the Synced Transaction.

Why didn't my Expense pair with my Synced Transaction?

To ensure that your synced transactions pair with your Expenses, create the Expense, or email the receipt prior to the Synced Transaction appearing in TravelBank. Since most transactions take a day or two to sync from your bank, if the Synced Transaction appears before you have a chance to create the Expense, follow the instructions above to manually pair them.

Created: 30July2021 11.31
Updated: 16Aug2021 13.32 FAQ

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