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Integrations: Setting up Okta for SCIM Directory Sync
Integrations: Setting up Okta for SCIM Directory Sync

Follow this guide to setup Okta with TravelBank

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To get started you'll just need to be able to log into your TravelBank account and your Okta account. To setup the integration you will need to have admin privileges assigned to your TravelBank login.

Start by signing into TravelBank and choosing "Company Settings" in the lefthand sidebar. Choose "Integrations", on the Integrations page choose "Add Integrations" then click "Add" to the right of "Okta".

The Okta page displays the Base URL as well as the API Token (SCIM). You will need both of these SCIM credentials to enable user import and the provisioning of features. Either copy and paste these to a safe place, or leave this window open to reference later.

Note: The API token can only be copied when it is first generated. Navigating away from this page will mask the API Token.

In another tab, or another browser window, sign into your Okta account. Under "Applications" there are 4 buttons, choose "Browse App Catalog" the second from the left.

On the "Browse App Integration Catalog" search for the following:

SCIM 1.1 Header Auth

Choose "SCIM 1.1 Header Auth" from the list of results.

When the SCIM 1.1 (Header Auth) page loads, click the blue "Add" button, located on the left under the SCIM logo.

On the General Settings page, you edit the Application label. When you create an Application label we recommend something like "SCIM 1.1 TravelBank", choose the blue "Next" button in the lower right. Next you will be taken to the "Sign-On Options" tab. You change any of these settings if would like to, but the default settings work fine. Scroll to the bottom and choose the blue "Done" button.

Choose the "Provisioning" tab, and then click "Configure API Integration".

Now you can paste the SCIM credentials from the Okta Integration page from TravelBank.

After you have successfully authenticated, check the "Enable" box to the right of the top three options for provisioning to app:

Create Users

Update User Attributes

Deactivate Users

Then click the blue "Save" button in the lower righthand corner.

Click on "Push Groups" next. Choose a group in Okta and match it to the group in TravelBank. If you only need to do this once, choose "Save", if you have more than one group do them one at a time, but choose "Save & Add Another" to repeat the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I resolve a provisioning credential error?

If you encounter the follow screen:

Check to ensure you pasted the URL and API tokens to the correct fields. Check for accidental errors. If you're still getting an error when you test the API credentials, clear out the fields and paste them anew.

When I return to the Okta page in TravelBank why can't I copy the API Token?

If you navigate away from the page after the credentials are created, if you saved them to a secure location, you can still copy them from there. Otherwise choose "Reset API Token". This will allow you to securely connect Okta to TravelBank, but this won't erase any data.

Created: 04May2021 11.00
Updated: 13May2021 16.30

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