Brex Travel portal, powered by TravelBank: Traveler Profile
Learn how to create your own Traveler Profile, add or edit existing profiles and Frequent Flyer or Loyalty Numbers
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If you haven't yet booked travel from the travel portal, get started here. When completing a booking you can create a Traveler Profile for yourself, or for any additional traveler you'd need to book travel. If you need to contact support to request an agent create a new booking for you, you'll need to have a Traveler Profile first.

Once you're on the checkout page, you can either create a new Traveler Profile, or choose an existing one from the dropdown menu to complete your booking. From this page you can also edit your profile to add information, such as Frequent Flyer or hotel loyalty numbers. You can create and edit profiles from the checkout page without having to complete your bookings, and all saved profile changes will be available for any future booking.

When you add or edit your traveler, the popup window will display the following fields:

In the phone number field you can only use a US number. If you have an international number, enter it here without the country code. You can contact support to have the country code added.

Check the spelling of your email before you choose "Add". If you don't receive any confirmation emails for bookings, follow the steps back, edit the profile and check the spelling of the email address.

If you have a Known Traveler Number, which is also your TSA PreCheck number, add that number in this field.

Choose the loyalty program you'd like to add from the dropdown menu. All eligible programs for your chosen flight or hotel will be displayed.

Review all the fields and ensure accuracy. Choose "Add" and the Traveler Profile is saved and can easily be used for future travel.

To edit the profile, choose it, and then click the disclosure triangle to the right, it will open the traveler tray. Click the pencil icon next to the name, and the dialog box will open.

Created: 10May2021 12.21

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