Social Seating
Social Seating allows you to view if other people from your company are on a flight, and where their selected seat is on the plane
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Flights can be lengthy, and this can be a great time to collaborate with a coworker, or maybe even catchup on some much needed rest. Learn about Social Seating and take advantage of another TravelBank feature.

The next time you are booking a flight via the TravelBank mobile app you can see if one of your colleagues is traveling on the same flight.

Start by selecting your flight:

After tapping on the flight you can scroll through the map of seats on the flight:

Note that your coworkers avatars will be displayed on their seat selection. If they don't have an avatar their initials will appear instead.

After you have made your seat selection, you can view the the details before you confirm your selection:

Note that you can view the flight amenities, baggage details, and list of coworkers who will be on the same flight.

Please be advised that at this time Social Seating is available exclusively via TravelBank app on iOS or Android.

Created: 28April2021 16.12
Updated: 28April2021 16.36

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