Expense Report: Exporting as a PDF

Stay organized: keep a copy of your Expense Report saved as a PDF for your records

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If you want to keep a PDF copy of an Expense Report you've created, you can generate one by choosing "Reports" in the sidebar.

On the reports tab, select the report you want to generate a PDF of, if the report has already been paid you can still generate a PDF, just choose the "Paid" tab along the top to view paid reports.

In the upper righthand corner, choose the "Options" menu. From the dropdown choose "Generate PDF" and your report will download.

You'll find your report wherever your web browser is set to save downloaded files, often this is either to a downloads folder, or to the desktop.

Once your PDF is downloaded you can view it in any common PDF viewer such as Adobe or Preview.

If you've generated Expense Reports as PDFs in the past you may notice the addition of custom fields as a column. This column will only appear if you have custom fields enabled.

Created: 08April2021 09.17

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