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Expenses: Creating & Submitting Expense Reports
Expenses: Creating & Submitting Expense Reports

Get started creating, organizing and submitting Expense Reports

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Before you get started decide if you want to give your report a custom title or assign Expenses to "General Expenses", the default Expense Report title when you add from Expenses tab or the My Cards tab. If you don't want a custom title for your report, you can assign Expenses to "General Expenses" from My Cards or the Expenses tab.

If you are using TravelBank's mobile app, you can get help using it here.

If you use Transaction Sync to sync your credit card transactions to TravelBank, and you need to pair Expenses, click here.

To create a report with a custom title (you can then go and add expenses from either the Expenses tab, My Cards, or both), choose "Reports" in the sidebar.

Click "+ New" in the upper righthand corner to create a new report. Give the report a title, and if you have multiple departments*, choose the correct one for the report you are creating. If you need to change the department or name of the report, once you create it choose "Edit Report" from the options menu in the righthand corner,

*If you are assigned to only one department, it is selected by default and greyed out preventing alteration.

Once you create the new Expense Report you can fill out the required fields. Notice that if you need to itemize the Expense that when you add line items you can delete them if you don't need them, and below the Amount field you will be notified if your Expense line items do not balance.

If you already created the report and want to add more Expenses to it, you can do so by adding them from the Expense tab or My Cards. Choose the report you want to add your expenses to from the dropdown menu.

If you can't submit your report check for a red bar on the left margin of the report:

Choose the report and add the required fields. Receipts may be require at specific dollar amounts.

Adding My Cards Synced Transactions:

In the sidebar choose My Cards > Synced Transactions

Then choose "Assign to Report".

If you've already created the report you wish to add the synced transaction to, select it from the dropdown menu. Or you can choose "General Expenses".

If you didn't create a report yet, but decided you want a custom name, choose "Cancel" and go back to the Reports tab and create your report first.

Once you have satisfied all the requirements, you may submit your report.

After you submit your report you'll see a success notification at the bottom of the page, and the next step of the approval process will be listed to the left of the unsubmit button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I see an Expense I added using my phone when I sign into the website?

Ensure you are using the same login email address. Check for spelling or domain differences.

Why can't I itemize my expense?

Expense itemization has to be enabled by an admin for the category you are choosing.

Why can't I delete an Expense?

If "non-reimbursable" is toggled on, you won't be able to remove an Expense. If the Expense was created in error, just turn off "non-reimbursable" and then choose "Delete Expense" in the lower lefthand corner.

Will my corporate card transaction automatically appear in the Expenses tab?

If you have any unassigned Expenses created within 7 days of when the transaction synced, TravelBank will automatically pair your Synced Transaction with your Expense.

If I add my personal card will transactions I charge for business automatically pair?

Transactions from personal cards will pair if they match an Expenses which was created within 3 days of the Synced Transaction.

Why didn't my Expense pair with my Synced Transaction?

To ensure that your synced transactions pair with your Expenses, create the Expense, or email the receipt prior to the Synced Transaction appearing in TravelBank. Since most transactions take a day or two to sync from your bank, if the Synced Transaction appears before you have a chance to create the Expense, learn how to pair theme here.

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