Expense Policy: Itemized Expenses
Allow flexibility and accuracy within Expenses
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With Itemized Expenses employees can more accurately record spend. It happens that sometimes a receipt may include items which do not all fall within the same category. Learn how to enable line-items so that each item is expensed to the correct category without the need for the employee to submit multiple expenses.

You can set rules to any Expense Policy you've added, we'll start by taking a look at how rules work in the Default Policy.

In the sidebar choose:

Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Policy > Default Policy

If you want to set other itemization rules in other categories, choose that category rather than the Default Policy.

Choose "Edit" to the right of "Category Rules". Set rules for the categories you would like to allow employees to itemize:

Turn the toggle on or off based on the preference you'd like to set:

Finally, you can choose whether or not to make the field mandatory.

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