Delegate Users can complete tasks on your behalf, and because you assign Delegates to a Host, there is no need to share your password, which ensures that your login information stays secure and confidential.

Here are the 2 roles:

  1. Host Employee - this is the employee for whom tasks will be completed.
    E.g.: Creating and submitting Expense Reports, booking travel.

  2. Delegate - this is the employee who will be doing the tasks on behalf of the Host Employee.

Once the Delegate is assigned to the Host Employee, the Delegate can switch over to the Host Employee's account to preform the tasks as mentioned above. You can learn more about this in "Switching to a Delegate User" below.

Setting up:

You can assign more than one Delegate User to a host. You can also remove Delegate Users as well.

To get started, in the sidebar:

Company Settings > Employees > Delegates

If this is your first time visiting the page it will appear as follows:

Notice that before you assign any Delegates there is only one action.

From “Assign New Delegate” popup window you can assign Delegates to yourself, or to another user. You can only work on one host employee at a time. Once you have made your selections, you can choose assign to complete the task.

If you need to assign Delegates to another host, choose “Assign New Delegate” and repeat the steps from above.

If you need to assign another delegate to a host, choose “Assign New Delegate” from the dropdown menu choose the host, and you can add another Delegate.

Switching to a Delegate User:

To switch to a Delegate account, click on “My Account” in the sidebar.

On your account page, choose “Switch Account”.

If you are a Delegate to more than one host, choose “Log In” to the right of the account you need to work from.

When you’re done, you may return to your account by choosing “Switch Back” on either the “Logged in as” tab in the sidebar, or by choosing “Switch Back” in the upper righthand corner of the window.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have administrator privileges in my company settings, why can’t any of my Delegate Users see “Company Settings” when they log in?

Delegate Users can preform a variety of tasks, such as edit, approve or return Expense Reports. However, to preserve company structure they do not have access to Company Settings to add employees or modify employee permissions.

Can I assign an employee to be a Delegate of more than one host?

You can assign an employee to be a Delegate of any other employee.

Can a Host Employee who has Delegates be a Delegate for another employee themself?

Host Employees can be Delegates of other Host Employees.

Do I have to sign out and back in to return to my TravelBank account?

You can switch back to your account by clicking “Logged in as [Host Account Name]” in the sidebar, and then clicking “Switch Back”, or by choosing “Switch Back” in the upper righthand corner of the window.

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