Reimbursement Timeframes

Use the table below to understand when funds will likely be available in your bank account.

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There are several factors to consider when projecting fund availability. First consider when the Federal Reserve will route funds between financial institutions. Typically Monday - Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. The second factor is which reimbursement model your company has chosen:


Reimbursements are processed during the business day they are approved, or the following business day when approved after-hours.


Reimbursements are only processed monthly. Reports submitted after the end of the month will not be processed until the following month.


Reimbursements are processed on the 1st and 15th. Reports need to be approved before the end of business, or they will pay out during the following reimbursement period.

The final factor that will impact reimbursement is your subscription model:

Paid subscriptions:

Reimbursements pay out as soon as they are approved, during the applicable reimbursement schedule.

Other subscriptions:

Reimbursements are paid to the employee 5 days after they are collected from the employer.

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