Expense Categories

Manage Expense Categories active within Expense Policy, edit and create your own.

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Some of the default categories may not apply to your business, and you may need some that don't come pre-loaded in the software.

After signing in, navigate to the following in the sidebar:

Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Categories

To turn off categories you don't need, click on the category, then toggle it off.

In the lower righthand corner, click the plus icon "+" to create a new category.

You can manage which expenses are active and you can reactivate inactive expenses by changing the active tab at the top of the screen. Note: turning off expense categories is global. Meaning that they are for all Expense Policies, so if you need one for any Policy you would want to leave it on.

Additionally, you can rename both existing categories, and categories you create.

Created: 28Dec2020 12.24

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