• Create and update employees in your organization

  • Deactivate/terminate employees in your organization

  • Designate department(s) and manager for employees in your organization

  • Designate employees as administrators and finance approvers

  • Create new departments

Creating and Updating Users

Employees included in the employee import CSV will be created if they do not already exist, or they will be updated. The employee's email address will be used to determine if they already exist.

New employees will be sent invitations via email to activate their account.

Deactivating Users

Users will be deactivated if they are not included included in the employee import CSV.

Getting Started

We recommend starting by compiling a report of your company structure. For help getting started we recommend referencing the following comma separated value (CSV):

While many of the fields are helpful, they may not all be required, and in some configurations may not be necessary at all.

Once you have completed the report, contact us and we will securely deliver your login credentials via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

For help with setting up Okta, click here.

Published: 30Dec2020 13.46

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