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Create custom fields, up to 5 for all categories, or unlimited category specific

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When creating new custom fields you can set a name and then choose between field type, open field, or dropdown. Open the Company Settings from the lefthand sidebar.

Company Settings > Expenses > Custom Fields

Add a Custom Field

Click "Add" to open up the "Create New Custom Field" overlay:

When creating your Custom Field's name and choosing the Field Type, it is important to note that once those are chosen they cannot then later be altered.

If you choose to have dropdown menus, you can then add those when you are creating the Custom Field.

If you need to add more dropdown menu options, you can edit the Custom Field in the future and add more.

Choose "Add Another Option" to add as many dropdown menu options as you need.

Set Rules

In the rules, a Custom Field is enabled by default, if you need to deactivate it, toggle it off.

Setting a Custom Field as "Required" prevents users from submitting their expenses prior to completing the Custom Field.

By default, all new Custom Fields are for "All Categories". You can set Custom Fields to apply to one or more specific Expense Categories. Toggle "Category Specific" to on, and then check the boxes of the categories you'd like to add. You may also use the search feature to quickly locate specific categories.

Edit a Custom Field

Choose "Edit" to the right of the Custom Field you want to modify:

In the Custom Field overly, for "Open Field" Custom Fields, you can toggle them between enabled and deactivated, and turn on or off if they are required.

Turn on "Category Specific" to adjust the categories to which the Custom Field applies.

If the Custom Field has dropdown menu options, here you can remove, or add additional input field values:

Save the changes to confirm them and set them active for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the name of a Custom Field?

Once a Custom Field is created, the name cannot be changed. You may consider deactivating your Custom Field, and creating a new Custom Field. If your Custom Field has a typo, contact support.

How do I change the Field Type of my Custom Field?

Field Types cannot be changed after the Custom Field is created. You may consider deactivating your Custom Field, and creating a new Custom Field.

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