Custom Fields in Expenses give you even more flexibility in our robust system, you can you can create an unlimited number of Custom Fields by Category, or up 5 which apply to all categories. Learn about Itemized Expenses here.

You can access the Custom Fields page by starting in the sidebar:

Company Settings > Expenses > Custom Fields > Add

Before you get started on the next steps there are a couple of factors to take into consideration:

When you are titling your Field Name, and choosing your Field Type, these are fixed and cannot later be changed. You can, however, switch them off or delete them. Learn more in the Frequently Asked Question section below.

Once you have typed in the Field Name, choose either:

Open Field or Dropdown

Click "Add Another Option" and you can build a list of options for your dropdown menu.

If you want to create a Custom Field, but do not want it to immediately active, you can switch it off. If you wish to turn off Custom Fields so that you can create a new active one, you turn it off in the Enabled field under "Set Rules".

If you turn on "Required", employees will not be able to submit Expense Reports until they have selected or entered the information required by your Custom Field.

By default a Custom Field will apply to all categories (and these are limited to 5 active total), however, you may scroll to the bottom of the “Create New Custom Field” window, turn on “Category Specific” and select the categories to which the Custom Field should apply.

Once you choose "Add" your new Custom Field will be ready for employees to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I add any more Custom Fields?

While you can have an unlimited number of fields designated to one or several categories, Custom Fields are limited to having 5 active custom fields applied to all categories.

Why do I see more than 5 Custom Fields?

You are certainly able to have more than 5 Custom Fields total, however, only 5 active fields can apply to all at any given time. Any additional fields would need to be inactive or category-specific.

How do I add more than 5 Custom Fields?

If you move any of your previous Custom Fields into an inactive state or if you set them to be category-specific, you can create a new one.

What's the difference between deactivating a Custom Field and deleting it?

When you delete a Custom Field it removes any reference to that item. If the Custom Field was used in the past and you choose to delete it, that could affect reviewing any Expense Export where in the deleted field was referenced.

Can I arrange the Custom Fields I create?

When you create new Custom Fields they will always appear in order of newest to oldest. All newer fields will always appear at the top of the list.


I clicked "Add" but the pop-up menu remained, and my field wasn't created.

Ensure that you have text in the "Field Name" box, and that any "Option names" you've added have text in them as well. If you added too many options, click "Remove" to the right of the box so you can remove it.

I added a custom field but an employee can't see it.

Check to see if the field is enabled, if not, enable the field and have them try again.

Ensure that the employee has accepted the invitation to join the company. If they have and still don't see the field, have them sign out and back in, and refresh their browser if they're logged in on the website.

Created: 09Nov2020 15.55
Updated: 10Nov2020 14.07 - expanded FAQ, reviewed technical workflow
Updated: 01Feb2021 11.41 - custom fields by category
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