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Learn how to Export Expenses to a CSV file

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While logged into your account

In the sidebar, navigate to:

Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Export

In the Export Range you can select the date range of the expenses you would like to export.

Select specific departments, there is a search field at the top to help you quickly find what you need. By default the export will include all departments.

In the Column Configurations you can rename and rearrange the default Export Columns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does the page hang with a spinning gear?

This can occur if the date range selected for the export does not contain any expenses. Try selecting a different date range.

If I make modifications to the Column Configurations, will I have to reorder them every time I Export Expenses?

No, after a successful Expense Export the modifications you make will remain intact.

Why didn't I receive my Expense Export?

If you're used to the previous export, you might be looking for an email. Just check your downloads folder. If it's not there you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

In what format will my Expense Export be?

Expense Exports will be downloaded in CSV format.

Why don't I see the Custom Fields I created on my Expense Export?

Go back to "Column Configuration", scrolling down, ensure that the box is checked for the field you are looking for in your Expense Export.

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Composed: 08Sep2020
Published: 11Sep2020
Updated: 10Nov2020 - expanded FAQ section

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