As the company's administrator, you may like to see a list or summary view of all expenses within a certain time frame, from certain departments or the whole company. You can export this data into an Excel document by following these steps:

  1. Go to Company Settings in the main menu

  2. In the Company Account page, select Expense Export

  3. Enter in the time frame and department(s) for which you need the reports and click "Submit" and you will be emailed a .csv file containing your expense log.

Your expense export will include all submitted report data, regardless of whether it has been approved or reimbursed. We recommend you complete your internal workflow for approving reports prior to exporting the data if you plan on uploading it to your accounting software later. 

Video Guide:

Expense export files contain the following data:

ID, Amount, Date, Description, Customer, Venue, User, Trip, Trip Id, Department, Expense Report, Expense Report Id, Expense Category, Budget Category, Status, Created Date, Updated Date, Billable, Reimbursable, Excluded, Corporate Card

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