In TravelBank there are 4 different user roles: Administrator, Finance, Manager, and Employee.

The Administrator on the account is the individual who has full access to settings, users and financial institutions on behalf of the company. These settings include, but are not limited to:

  • Payments and Billings

  • Reimbursement Account

  • Reimbursement Schedule

  • Corporate Card Option on expense reports

  • Travel Policy

  • Category Management

  • Expense Export

An Administrator can also change any other user's role (i.e. upgrade an Employee to a Manager in the company's TravelBank account).

The Finance admin is responsible for the final review of expense reports before they are reimbursed. They will be notified once expense reports are approved by a Manager. They have the ability to see all proposed and active Trip and Project Budgets as well as all submitted expense reports for their department.

An Employee is a basic user within TravelBank. They have a restricted view to only their personal expenses, budgets, and settings. Their Trip and Project Budgets will need to be approved by a Department Manager.  Employee expenses can be reimbursed if an Administrator activates 24 hour reimbursements for their company. 

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