Creating a company in TravelBank gives you access to a number of additional features, such as choosing a reimbursement schedule for your employees & one-click approval for expense reports.

Setting up your company is easy. After you initially sign up for TravelBank, open the menu and select Create a Company. This will prompt you to complete a company profile.

Getting started with your company profile:

  • Company Domain: The domain you choose as your primary domain will ensure that all employees who sign up with the same email domain will be automatically added to your account. You can also invite users with different domains once you have created your company account

  • Fiscal Year Start and Number of Employees: We have big plans in the future to help you you plan, manage and predict your spend. Adding this information will help us help you in the future.

Once you have completed this initial step, you will gain access to the Company Settings option where you can go through a full company setup to ensure you have proper expense and travel policies in place. Below is a checklist to ensure your company is ready to start using TravelBank:

  • Create your company to lock your company email domain

  • If you are using our 24-hour reimbursements, add your company bank account details and choose your reimbursement schedule

  • Edit your expense policy to reflect minimum receipt thresholds and corporate card option on expenses

  • If you want to link your General Ledger, head to Integrations > Create New + and go through that setup

  • Map your expense categories

  • Determine what Rewards program your employees will be using, if any

  • Create Departments that you want to assign employees to

  • Invite your team to join you on TravelBank

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