TravelBank integrates with numerous systems to help streamline your expense management process

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TravelBank can synchronize with NetSuite,, Quickbooks Online and Xero. Expense reports are reflected in real-time, and you can customize categories in TravelBank so they match seamlessly with your existing general ledger.

Sync your general ledger expense categories into TravelBank and we’ll automatically sync approved expense reports and reimbursements back onto your general ledger.

If you are the company administrator or the financial manager for your company on TravelBank, you can integrate your general ledger in a few simple steps:

1. In the menu, go to Company Settings > Integrations

2. Select Create New Integration > General Ledger

3. Select your General Ledger provider

4. Login to your General Ledger and begin the category mapping process

For step-by-step visual guides on how to integrate with each of the following, please click on the applicable accounting platform.

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Updated: 15April2021 12.25

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