Capturing Expenses

Capturing Receipts on your Phone

We have made capturing expenses with TravelBank as easy as possible to save you from the stress and time it used to take to submit your expenses each month! There are a few simple ways to initiate adding an expense: 

  • Capture a photo of a receipt using our mobile app and enter the amount; our receipt scanning technology will pick up key details and auto complete the expense for you

  • Got an email receipt? No worries. Forward the receipt to and it will land in your Expenses list where you can assign it to a report

  • Need to add a saved receipt image/pdf to a report? If you are using our desktop app ( click into Expenses > Click the + icon found at the bottom right and select a photo or PDF file to upload. On our mobile app you can select the + icon found at the top right of your expense list and upload a photo on the expense card that pops up

  • Credit Card Sync is a great feature available to iOS users that allows you to pull credit card transactions onto expense reports, read more about this cool feature here. Make sure to upload your receipt image once the charges have been assigned.

Below is a more detailed walkthrough of how to add expenses using the above methods.

Receipt Forwarding

Maybe you have Uber linked up to your personal email account, or you order something on for business use. We understand that sometimes receipts incurred for business expenses are sent to a different email.

Your personalized email address for sending receipts from your personal email inbox is based on your email address: "".

For example, if Taylor Brien received a receipt for a business expense that was sent to her personal email, she can still send it to TravelBank (Let's assume Taylor's work email is To submit the expense to TravelBank, Taylor would forward the receipt to from whatever email she wishes, or have receipts auto forward from that address in services like Uber and Amazon.

NOTE: Lyft requires you confirm your email so this email forwarding won't work. You will need to just send the receipts to your email and forward them to 

Uploading Photo Receipts

If you have a photo receipt saved and need to upload it to TravelBank on either the mobile or desktop app, just tap the + icon found on the expense list and then Upload Photo. Once you have selected the photo you wish to upload you can either manually enter the expense details or let our receipt scanning technology do the leg work for you! 

Adding Receipts on our Desktop App

You can also add photos saved to your phone/computer by tapping the image icon found at the bottom right of the photo screen, or clicking the + icon on the Expenses tab at and selecting Upload Photo. 

Submitting Expense Reports

Finished adding expenses to your report? Time to submit it to your manager for approval and reimbursement. If your company is signed up for TravelBank, click Submit (or '...' then Submit Expense Report if you are on desktop), confirm that you want to submit the report and you're done! We will send you a PDF copy of the report, and you will be alerted when it has been approved by your manager and finance. 

If you are using TravelBank as an independent user, follow the same steps above. When you confirm that you want to submit the report, you will be asked if you want to share the report with your finance team/manager. Enter their email in the field provided and they will be sent a PDF copy of your report. Alternatively, you can generate a PDF of the report at any time by going to Reports > Click into the report > "..." > Generate PDF. 

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