TravelBank offers companies flexibility to customize their own expense categories according to their accounting guidelines, industry practices, etc. We have provided a list of 20+ commonly used expense categories to enable users to quickly categorize their expense. However, administrators have the right to turn off certain categories or  add their own categories. Here's how:

1. Go to the menu

2. Go to Company Settings

3. In the Company Settings page, select Category Management

4. Select the expense category you wish to customize or add a new category with the plus icon found at the bottom right of the screen


1. Go to the menu and tap Company Settings

You can find the menu by clicking on the hamburger icon (three horizontal bars) when you are on the camera screen.

2. In the Company Settings page, select the Category Management option.

Click on your company's name under the My Organization section.

3. Select the expense category you wish to customize.

Once you are in the Category Management page, you will see the full list of pre-populated expense categories. Select the one(s) you wish to customize. You can enable/disable or rename any of the categories. If you have the general ledger integration enabled you can map each category to your chart of accounts.

All expense categories are turned on (button to the left, in blue). To disable, click into the category you wish to edit and tap the "Enable" button.

Certain expense categories are pre-mapped to Trip Budget categories, for a more in depth explanation of Budgets, click here.

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