What is TravelBank?
A quick overview of who we are and how to get started with TravelBank
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TravelBank is a modern travel, expense and rewards app built for small and medium sized businesses. TravelBank uses an intelligent algorithm to predict travel costs based on real-time pricing, a camera-first experience for tracking expenses on-the-go, and an auto-rewards program that incentivizes employees to save money on corporate travel when they book more cost-effective options on our platform.

What makes TravelBank unique?

Our patent-pending technology leverages advanced machine learning to complete your expense reports faster for both trip and local expenses. It works behind the scenes like a personal assistant so you can spend less time doing your expense report and more time growing your business.

Using our proprietary algorithm to predict costs, companies get a clear picture of future spend before it occurs. We calculate upcoming trip costs based on real-time market pricing and motivate employees to save money on corporate travel when they choose more cost-effective options. 

For non-travel spend, we enable teams to be able to collaborate on real-time spending for projects such as customer events, offsite meetings, and conferences. It’s time to bring your company on board.

Our all-in-one app means you don't need to mess with integrations or jump between apps. The mobile-first design is intended for on-the-go expense capture and creation, so you can do more in less time.

Best of all? It is free to use our app to create budgets and expense reports - for as long as you want, for an unlimited number of users.

Who can use TravelBank?

Anyone can use TravelBank! You do not need approval from your manager or the finance department to create expense reports. If your manager is not on TravelBank, you can invite them to join by simply forwarding your expense report to them. Of course, if your finance department sets up your company on TravelBank, everything will flow even more seamlessly, including faster approvals and reimbursements.

All you need to do to use TravelBank is to download the app and signup. We are available on iOS, Android, and desktop. Access our desktop app via app.travelbank.com once you have signed up via your mobile device.

How to contact us

We would love to hear from you. There are multiple ways to contact us:

Encounter a technical issue or have a suggestion for improvement? Now it's even easier to send us feedback in real-time!

  • You can directly send us a screenshot of your current location in the app by shaking your phone

  • A screen will pop up that will give you the option to either "Report a Problem" or "Suggest an Improvement"

  • Select the correct option and then send us a brief description of the issue

  • Someone from TravelBank will be in touch with you shortly

We look forward to hearing from you!

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