As the administrator, you have the ability to designate different user roles for different employees in the organization. This is especially helpful for establishing an efficient workflow. For example, if you have already set up a department with all the employees, you can now designate certain individuals to be "managers." All employees' Trip and Project budgets would be submitted to the manager for pre-approval before expensing on the report can happen.

Note: Only a company administrator can change roles. To change user roles, follow these steps:

1. Go to the menu via the menu icon (three horizontal lines) found at the top left of the app while on the photo screen

2. Select Company Settings

3. Under Departments, select the department in which you want to change user roles

4. Select the individual, and then change the user roles accordingly (Finance Manager, Department Manager, Employee)

Learn more about the different user roles in TravelBank


1. Go to the menu > Company Settings

2. Under Departments, select the department in which you want to change user roles or create a new department

4. Select the individual and change user roles accordingly

On the next page, you will see a list of all current members in this department. As the administrator, you can select on any individual to change their role.

For example, you want to designate Connor as the "finance manager" for this department. You would click on Connor's profile, then click on "Finance Manager".

Editing and Removing Users from Departments

You can also remove members from the department. Head to Company Settings > Select relevant department > Select the employee you wish you remove > Tap Remove from Department. To add this user to a new Department, go to Company Settings > Tap See All and select the employee who needs to be added to a new department. Choose the department and assign their role and you are done!

If you need to delete a department or rename it, just let us know via the Chat with Us option in the menu.

Need to invite your finance admin to join TravelBank? Here is a quick guide to inviting colleagues to join your TravelBank account.

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