If your travel was impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, review the following information to prepare yourself for future travel. If you had purchased travel and the pandemic affected your plans you likely have an unused ticket, also known as “ticket value”.

By when do I need to use my ticket?

The majority of the airlines are extending the expiration date from either 12 to 24 months* for domestic tickets issued before April 17, 2020 and for travel between March 3, 2020 through September 30, 2020, For international tickets, the rules vary by airline.

When booking a new trip, can I change my origination and destination?

Yes, be aware that doing so may increase the cost of your trip.. Your current ticket value will be applied toward your new ticket on the same airline. You will be responsible for any cost over the original value of your ticket.

If the new flight is priced higher there is no fee to change origin or arriving locations, you would just pay the difference in fare. If the new flight is priced lower, you may change your destination while incurring no fee, however,residual value is not paid out.

Can someone else use my unused ticket?

Even if the original fares were paid for by your company, the credit is assigned to the original ticketed traveler. Many airlines will not allow the name on the ticket to be changed, this has to do with airline fare rules at the time of sale. If the airline does allow for a name change, there will likely be a fee**.

How to apply my credit?

When you are ready to schedule your trip using your unused ticket, you can do so by contacting our travel support. Travelers can use these credits to book travel by calling 866.682.8785, emailing reservations@travelbank.com, or chatting from the TravelBank App or website. Having the original TravelBank Confirmation number and traveler’s complete name will streamline the rebooking process.

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* When you contact TravelBank to reschedule your trip we can provide you with a more accurate time frame based upon the airline you originally chose.

**Change fees & penalties may vary by markets and fare basis types. If you purchased a non-refundable ticket, it cannot be exchanged for another ticket in another passenger's name. The ticket value can only be used by the original ticketed passenger.

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