Integrations: Setting up Okta for SSO

What is Okta and how do I get started?

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What is Okta?

Okta Identity Cloud is an independent and neutral platform that securely authenticates users, perform multi-factor enrollment and verification, recover forgotten passwords, and unlock accounts. 

I have an Okta account. How do I set it up with TravelBank?

Here are some instructions to get it set up. You’ll first have to log into your Okta account. You’ll go to “Applications” > “Add Application” 

The Platform will be “Native app” and select OpenId Connect. Create.

You’ll name this application “TravelBank OID” 

Make sure the following is selected and filled out (see the following image).

Now, you’ll have to select “Edit” to copy the Client id under “Client Credentials”. You’ll be placing it in the redirect URI where the “cid” was. The “Initiate login URI” should be the same, but remove the “/cb” at the end. Save.

Copy the Client id and make sure you know the URL you use to log into Okta (Okta domain).

At this point you are ready to do your assignments, users and groups, if you want others to be able to use Okta.

Lastly, go to “Applications” and search for “Bookmark App”. 

You’ll add and name it TravelBank and use the url client id) and assign people to the bookmark.

You’ll place the login URL here and select “Done”. After this step, please provide the client id as well as the metadata to the TravelBank Support team to assist you in completing your Okta setup.

You can learn how to generate metadata via this guide from Okta.

What if I need more assistance getting set up?

Our Product Team is here for you M-F PST during regular business hours. You can reach out via Intercom in app. 

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