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Next Generation Storefront FAQ
Next Generation Storefront FAQ
What is this and what does this mean?
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What’s new?

We’re constantly working to make booking and traveling easier for you. With this release, the Next Generation Storefront will allow you to get all the information that you need with one glance. You will be able to quickly scan to see your options, choose your flight, and your select seat preference. The new display also shows all flight inventory with ATPCO star ratings. Star ratings give you an easy way to compare seat offerings and find the best fit.

What do the fare options tell me?

We’re moving forward. Now, travelers can view fare classes on all flights and upgrade to a better seat that’s still within their budget. You get the flexibility to make the best decisions on flights for both their company and their travel needs.

What’s with the stars? Is this new system recognized by other travel agencies or airlines?

TravelBank teamed up with ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company) and major airline partners to implement a six star rating system similar to how hotels are rated. This is aimed to help travelers compare airline seats easily. Using information you value in your decision making, the new system will make help you select seats, change boarding group, and carry on baggage options with ease.

When you expand the flight cards, you will see more information on the flight and selected seat, such as the amount of legroom available, the type of seat, and if there’s free wifi available. Travelers can see these ratings on all flight search results and make the best choice for their trip by comparing seats at a glance or toggling between seat options to view detailed offerings.

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