TravelBank's Rewards program that pays you to spend less on corporate travel. Unlike most services that give you more reward points when you book more expensive options, TravelBank gives you more points when you choose less expensive options, saving your company money. Based on your company’s policy, each booking that is below the policy will show a rewards value when you book allowing you to factor TravelBank points into your decision. You book first, earn rewards, save money, and expense later as we auto-generate an expense for your booking.

How does it work?

We use a blend of real-time market rate availability and company policy to provide an average trip price for every booking. If you choose a flight below the TravelBank Benchmark, you split the savings with your company. 

Once you complete your travel, the rewards you earned for saving your company money will be credited to your TravelBank account and you can redeem them for personal use on a variety of services.

Note: For Airbnb bookings, you'll have to look up the dates and use the link in the pop-up to book Airbnb or create budget by selecting the date and choosing "Save for Later" or uploading your Airbnb receipt then.

Not ready for Auto Rewards?

No worries! There are a few ways to switch Auto Rewards off.

  1. As a company admin, you can go to Company Settings > Rewards & Budget Policy > Rewards Program > tap None to switch all rewards off. You can always toggle Auto Rewards later.

  2. At checkout, click “Disabled Rewards”. Rewards will remain off until you switch them back on at checkout.

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