How do I book travel with a company travel policy?

Once your travel manager or company admin on your TravelBank account enables a company travel policy, most of the TravelBank booking experience remains the same. You still conduct a hotel or flight search as usual and get all inventory in the results.

What changes, is that any travel options over the recommended travel budget get flagged with an over budget indicator. If booking over budget travel makes the most sense for your travel circumstances, you can submit a travel request.

I really need to book travel that is over budget. How do I request an over budget booking?

When submitting a booking request, you select the travel plans you would like to book and then add a justification or additional information. When requesting airfare that is over budget you can’t select a seat because due to the delay between your request and your manager’s approval, that seat may no longer be available. However, after the booking request has been approved, you can reach out to agents or select your seats via the airline.

This request goes directly to your manager. When you submit the request, you get an email copy of your request, and your manager get an email notification that they have a request to review.

Your pending reservation will appear in your TravelBank trips with a status marked to note whether the request is still pending manager approval, expired, or declined. You can manually delete expired or declined requests. You can also delete pending requests that you no longer need to book or that you would like to submit a new request for with a different travel selection.

How do I know if my request has been accepted?

If your manager approves the request, the trip is automatically booked and the reservation with appear in your TraveBank trips without a pending approval status. You will also receive an email notification that your request was approved along with the booking confirmation.

If your manager declines the request, they may include a note as to why the request was declined with guidelines for booking alternative travel plans.

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