As an admin on your company’s TravelBank account, you have access to customize your travel policy on TravelBank from the company settings page. TravelBank uses these settings, along with real time market rates, to calculate a recommended travel budget for employees booking travel, and now you can enforce this policy within their bookings purchase experience. 

Once activated, set up approval workflows by heading to Company Settings > Departments > Select who you want to approve travel as the Budget and Initial Expense Report Approvers. We recommend adding two approvers in case one is out of office, as travel needs to be approved in a timely manner!

  1. No Approval Required = employees can book anything

  2. Trips Over Budget Require Approval = employees will need approval if over budget

  3. All Trips Require Approval = employees will need approval for every booking

Since the second selection, Trips Over Budget Require Approval, is nuanced and dependent on the travel policy you set up, here are some additional answers to frequently asked questions.

Can we have more than one travel policy in the TravelBank app?

Your company can have multiple travel policies, for example by department or seniority level. Employees are assigned to one travel policy each. Only admin users have access to see which travel policies users are assigned to.

Do I have to create a travel policy to get started?

If you have not set up any custom travel policies, users are automatically assigned to a TravelBank Recommended travel policy which is based on the most common parameters for business travel.

What happens if an employee selects travel that is over budget?

After the ‘Over Budget Approval’ toggle is enabled, if an employee selects any travel plans that are over the recommended budget the purchase is flagged and goes through a quick approval process before the booking is completed.

How do I review over budget travel requests?

When an employee tries to book travel that is over the recommended budget, per your company travel policy, TravelBank creates a booking request within the manage tab for that employee’s department manager. The employee’s manager will receive an email notification that they have a travel request for review, and the Manage tab is badged with notification numbers to indicate new requests. 

Within the Manage tab, the manager can see a list of pending requests. This list is viewable on both mobile and desktop, but approvals must be done on desktop. Mobile approvals are coming soon. 

What happens when I approve or decline a travel request?

Accepting a request will automatically book the travel, and the employee will receive a booking confirmation email. In order to ensure successful travel booking, the employee must have up to date credit card information saved to their TravelBank account. 

Declining the request will allow the manager to provide an optional explanation to be sent to the employee along with the declined notification.

Does requesting travel hold airfare and hotel rates?

Since travel is not booked until after the manager approves the requests, fares are subject to change. If fares change on a pending request, the manager will get a notification of the fare change and is still able to approve or decline the request. If the fare class or hotel room type is sold out, the travel request will expire and the employee will need to find available travel to book.

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