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You can now book hotels on both our mobile and web applications. Head to the Travel section, and select Hotels to start your search. If your company is using our LodgingX feature to give you access to alternative lodging options beyond hotels, click here. 

To start a search, enter your destination city and the dates of your travel then click Search Hotels. We will automatically calculate the average cost of a hotel by matching your company's policy with available rooms. You can view different room types and additional hotel details by clicking View Rooms. Once you have found the room type you want to book, click Select Room to go to checkout. Be sure to double check the Cancellation Policy to see if the rate is refundable or not. Enter your traveler information and payment method, then click Book Hotel and you will be sent a confirmation email with your stay details and cost of the purchase. 

Please note that you will be required to provide a credit card upon arrival at the hotel to cover incidentals. If you have rewards activated, they will be included in the cost of the hotel booking, and reimbursed by your company. 

Booking with LodgingX

If your company has activated rewards and LodgingX to give you access to Airbnb, HomeAway and other alternative lodging options, you can decide whether to search for hotels, opt into alternative lodging, or stay with a friend to maximize your rewards potential. On average, alternative lodging options are 40% cheaper than hotels, resulting in maximum savings for the company and maximum rewards for you. 

Enter your destination and dates of travel, then click Start Lodging Trip. You will be provided three options: Book Hotel, Stay Elsewhere, Stay With a Friend. To book a hotel, choose Book Hotel and we will run a search across our 400,000+ hotel properties, where you can select the hotel and room type you prefer then checkout. Selecting Stay Elsewhere will let you upload a receipt to your alternative lodging choice (Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.) and add the total amount and a description. Stay With a Friend will provide the maximum number of rewards, as you will not be paying for a lodging option at all, saving your company the most and letting you walk away happy with rewards to redeem in our Rewards Store!

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