This Applies To:

QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Desktop on Windows

If you login to Quickbooks via the web then this is not the setup guide for you.

Step 1: Download the Ground to Cloud Installer

Since the application is running on your local computer we need to install something on that computer so we can talk to it.

Download this file on the computer that is running your QuickBooks instance

Step 2: Install the Ground to Cloud Application

After the download completes, install the application.  There are no options to worry about, just accept the terms and service and install.  Accept any permissions prompts that come up. The application needs permission to talk to our cloud service.

Step 3: Get your Configuration Information

Your configuration information is available from the CE Connector console. This should open immediately after installing the connector. Copy and paste the web address from the Registrations box and paste it into the TravelBank configuration screen then hit Enter/Return. 

If the window did not open you can find it at Start -> CE Connector -> CE Connector

Step 4: Complete Setup

At this point you can map your expense categories within the TravelBank app back to your QuickBooks environment to ensure everything gets properly labeled. Once you have added these settings and enabled the integration, you can begin to sync data. 

Make sure to have both the CE Connector and the QuickBooks company you want to sync reports. We will sync all reports with the "Paid" status applied to them. Head to Company Settings > Integrations > QB Enterprise/Desktop > Open the CE Connector and QB Enterprise/Desktop > Click Sync. 

Ensure that you have all of the windows open that you can see in the task bar below to complete the integration. If you need to open the TravelBank Connector manually head to the Start Menu > TravelBank Connector > TravelBankConnector and it will open. 

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