Integrating TravelBank with NetSuite is quick and easy to setup. In this guide we are going to enable:

  • Mapping your TravelBank expense categories to your Chart of Accounts
  • Automatically syncing paid expense reports to NetSuite as Journal Entries/Bills

The steps to complete the integration are:

  1. Configuring your NetSuite account to facilitate integration
  2. Linking your NetSuite account to TravelBank
  3. Mapping your categories to your Chart of Accounts

To complete the integration you will need:

  • An administrator login to your NetSuite account
  • An understanding of your company's Chart of Accounts

Configuring NetSuite

In order to integrate a NetSuite environment with TravelBank, we need to take some initial steps to make sure NetSuite is configured in the manner we expect.

All actions performed within NetSuite by the TravelBank app will be taken by a specific user account. While it is possible to reuse an existing NetSuite account for this purpose, it is recommended that a specific user be created for this purpose so that all TravelBank transactions and line items are clearly identified.

The account being used in the integration also needs to have sufficient permissions within NetSuite to perform the actions needed by TravelBank. The generic Administrator role can be used for this purpose, or a specialized "Web Services Only" role can be created by navigating to Setup->Users/Roles->Manage Roles->New

The Web Services permissions can be toggled with the "Web Services Only Role" check box.

Next we need to ensure the user account has web services permissions enabled. Navigate to Setup->Integration->Web Services Preferences and add the user account/role to a new row if it is not already present.

Be sure to record two additional pieces of information from this screen which you will need later: the ID number associated with your role, and the account number associated with your environment.

Finally, we need to create an integration record for TravelBank inside of NetSuite. Navigate to Setup->Integration->Manage Integration->New

Once you've saved the integration, be sure to record the ApplicationId assigned to you by NetSuite.

Linking NetSuite

1. Go to the account Settings in the main menu

If you are in the camera view of the app, click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal bars) in the upper left corner to access the main menu.

2. Go to Settings > My Organization > [Your Company Name]

Click on your company's name under the My Organization section.

3. Click on Create New Integration > General Ledger > NetSuite

4. Populate your credential

5. Map your expense categories to your Chart of Accounts

Click on Manage Categories to bring up your list of TravelBank expense categories. From here you can select the General Ledger category to map.

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